"Bijzonder Comité voor Herinneringseducatie" (BCH)

The Auschwitz Foundation – Remembrance of Auschwitz participates and actively supports the “Special Committee for Remembrance Education”.




Website: www.herinneringseducatie.be



The origins


For many teachers it has become difficult, with such a wide variety of remembrance education tools available, to develop a quality presentation in class. The Flemish Minister of Education therefore decided to provide funds to establish a project to help teachers, and in 2008, the BCH (Bijzonder Comité voor Herinneringseducatie), the “Special Committee for Remembrance Education”, was created.



In Practice


The goals of the BCH are twofold, focused on transparency and support.

First, the BCH wants to encourage greater transparency in the supply of remembrance education through a user-friendly website and database. This database contains all Belgian memorial education sites and projects in the broad sense. The database can be consulted via a search function on the website, allowing teachers and pupils to easily find what they are seeking in the various offerings.

Second, the BCH wants to support teachers by providing them with advice about useful approaches to remembrance education. Since 2010, remembrance education has been included in cross-curricular diploma studies in Flanders, and is therefore not a question exclusively for history teachers. The BCH seeks be a sort of think tank, offering practical advice and examples of good practice to help teachers without an academic background in history.





The Special Committee for Remembrance Education (BCH), which exists only in Flanders, brings the four Flanders school networks together with educational experts of six representative institutions that present the “offer” of memory education in Flanders. The Kazerne Dossin is responsible for the coordination of the BCH.



Start to Remember




The Special Committee for Remembrance Education has developed a “touchstone for quality remembrance education” that offers advice and suggestions for remembrance education projects. It has been adapted as an online tool, “Start to Remember”.


“Start to Remember” has been accessible on the BCH website since January 17, 2013. It is presented in the form of a multiple-choice test. At the end of the test, a report is produced with suggestions for implementing a teaching project.

If you have already started a project on remembrance education or if you have plans to do so, then let yourself be inspired by this test (which is only available in Dutch for the moment).


Take the test: Start to Remember



Forum day “De tegenstem” [opposing voices] (the forum is in Dutch in its entirety)


bch forumdag 2014


As it does every year, the BCH (Special Committee for Remembrance Education) is organizing an education day/forum on remembrance on March 25, 2014. This year the theme focuses on “opposing voices”.

In the morning, several speakers will address “opposing voices” during historic conflicts.

In the afternoon, we will focus on contemporary forms of protest and resistance.

We will organize six workshops to address questions such as: How can we resist discriminatory situations? How do we treat “opposing voices” in contemporary society? Should we all go back into the streets?



For any information you can visit www.herinneringseducatie.be, or join our Facebook page “herinneringseducatie”.

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