New documentary on Jewish memories of the Marolles-Midi district

From June 2012 Marta Marín-Dòmine’s documentary 1930-1942. Mémoire juive du quartier Marolles-Midi, Bruxelles can be purchased from Remembrance of Auschwitz.




1930-1942. Mémoire juive du quartier Marolles-Midi, Bruxelles [1930-1942: Jewish memories of the Marolles-Midi district of Brussels] is a French-language documentary based on a selection from interviews which the Auschwitz Foundation recorded during the 1990’s with six survivors of the Nazi camps.


These six adopted “Marollians” are Joseph Berman, David Blum, Hélène Gangarska, Baron Maurice Goldstein, Henri Kichka and Maurice Pioro.


We follow them as they settle into the district. They go on to recount the fateful period from the entry into force of the first anti-Jewish measures in Belgium to the roundups which from 1942 onwards led to their deportation to Auschwitz, where most of the Jews were murdered.


Photos of the first showing of the documentary at the Botanique in February 2012





This DVD, produced under the egis of Remembrance of Auschwitz, is on sale since June 2012 at the price of €12.50.

It is in French, with Dutch and English subtitles.



pdf of the booklet that comes with the DVD (in French and Dutch)


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