The menu on the left gives more detailed information on the publications of the Auschwitz Foundation and Remembrance of Auschwitz:

  • The multi-disciplinary journal Témoigner. Entre Histoire et Mémoire [Bearing Witness.  Between History and Memory]
  • Articles that were not published in our journal
  • The Collection “Entre histoire et mémoire” [Between History and Memory], published by Éditions Kimé, Paris, in collaboration with the Auschwitz Foundation and Remembrance of Auschwitz.
  • The French-language educational bulletin: Traces de mémoire
  • The Dutch-language educational bulletin: Sporen van herinnering
  • Educational packs for secondary schools (Auschwitz et le Troisième Reich and Félicie Aron-Lewin.Résistante belge - Déportée juive) and primary schools (Tu seras encore là ? [Will you still be there?])
  • Acts of the conferences organized by the Auschwitz Foundation and Remembrance of Auschwitz
  • Numbers of our previous journal: Bulletin trimestriel de la Fondation Auschwitz
  • Subscription details and order forms for these various publications


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