Questions of remembrance and representation




  • Marta Marín-Dòmine (Centre for Memory and Testimony Studies, Laurier University, Waterloo-Toronto): La transmission et la construction de l’espace transgénérationnel (pdf)

    The article, written as a personal memoir and essay, wants to reflect on transmission questioning the notion of “filiation” while asserting the importance of accepting the past as heritage. In doing so, the author dialogues with the unpublished memoirs written by a child who experienced the Spanish war, in fact her father, to show the traces it has left in her way to reconstruct the past. The article stresses the need to rethink the effects that deterritorialised memory, the memory of exile, has in our present, as well as that of those who after being in exile had to re-enter Spain little after the end of the war.

















  • Dénissa Baudouin (Remembrance of Auschwitz): Summary of the one-day conference: “Remembrance Visits to Auschwitz in the Past, Present and Future - With- Criticisms” (pdf in French) (pdf in Dutch)







  • Claudia Feld (Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnicas (CONICET) / Instituto de Desarrollo Economico y Social (IDES) – Buenos Aires, Argentina): Image, mémoire et disparition en Argentine (pdf) [Image, Memory and Disappearance in Argentina]


  • Yves Ternon (Historian. Doctor of History, University of Paris IV–La Sorbonne): Présentation historique du Génocide arménien [Historical Presentation of the Armenian Genocide]





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