Rules of the Auschwitz Foundation Library


The Library is open to the public on weekdays from 9.30 to 4.00 pm.

It is compulsory to make a prior appointment with the Foundation’s librarian, Emmanuel Verschueren (+32 (0)2 512 79 98; contact by email), so that he can prepare for visits and ensure that materials are consulted in the best possible conditions.



Registration is free and compulsory, and is subject to the presentation of an identity card or other evidence of identity.  Visitors are asked to complete a card giving their identity card number or a similar reference, their name and address, their occupation and the reason for their visit.

Registration implies that visitors know and accept these rules, which may be consulted on the spot and provided on request.

The parents or legal guardians of minors who use the library are responsible for the loss of or damage to materials caused by the minors concerned.



There is no charge for consultation of materials.

Users of the library must be silent and may not smoke, eat drink or use mobile phones in the library. The use of laptops is permitted.

Repeated breaches of these requirements may lead to a ban on entering the library premises.

Users must leave coats, bags, etc. outside the library.

A computerized catalogue of the library’s contents is available to assist visitors in their research.

All materials must be requested from the librarian; they are not available on open access.

Readers must handle all materials they consult or borrow with care, and may not make notes on them, underline passages or interfere with them in any other way.

It is strictly forbidden to take materials out of the library without informing the librarian. On leaving the library, visitors must submit voluntarily to checks to ensure they are not taking materials away with them.

Thefts or attempted thefts may lead to prosecution.



Documents may be photocopied in black and white at a cost of €0.05 per A4 copy and €0.07 per A3 copy. Works by students (theses, treatises…) may only be copied with the author’s written permission.

It should be noted that the complete photocopying of a copyrighted work is forbidden by law.



Loans of materials for use outside the library may only be authorized by the Director in exceptional cases.


rules (pdf)

Additional information

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