Travelling Exhibitions

More detailed information on the three travelling exhibitions that the Remembrance of Auschwitz and the Auschwitz Foundation offer to the public is available via the menu on the left.

  • Exhibition Primo Levi“Primo Levi: from his survival to his works”
    This exhibition offers the public a unique documentation of images and texts on Primo Levi. Primo Levi: from survivor to writer has been designed to appeal to all publics and increase awareness of one of the great witnesses to our time, a survivor of Auschwitz, by following his life story and describing the works he bequeathed to us...(available in French and in Dutch)



  • Exhibition Victims of the image“Victims of the image: how photographic images are made, exploited and criticized”
    Victims of war, natural disasters or epidemics – for half a century civilian victims have invaded our daily lives. We see them in the press, on television, on billboards in the street, in the subway. In a way they become banal, so that the effect they provoke is often the opposite of what was intended... (available in French and in Dutch)



  • collage_exposition14-45_200“Belgium, 1914-1945: Witnesses in the Eye of the Storm”
    The exhibition, presented in the form of 43 panels, covers the period from the First World War to the liberation of the camps and the return from deportation between 1944 and 1946. All the historical and cultural information displayed in the exhibition is accompanied by testimony given to our Foundation by those who lived through the events it describes. (available in French and in Dutch)

Additional information

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