Video's - Interview series: “Portraits”

The series consists of interviews with great thinkers - “founders” of a number of concepts and frameworks that determine research on testimony and memory since the 1980s. The interviewees are:
  • Andreas Huyssen
  • Carlo Ginzburg (in French)
  • Marianne Hirsch




Andreas Huyssen is Professor of German literature at Columbia University, New York, where he founded the Center for Comparative Literature and Society in 1998. He is also one of the founding editors of the leading journal New German Critique (1974).


Carlo Ginzburg is an Italian historian and specialist in microhistory, Primo Levi and art history. He teaches at the University of Bologna and the University of California, Los Angeles.



Marianne Hirsch is Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University and Professor in the Institute for Research on Women, Gender, and Sexuality.

Hirsch’s work combines feminist theory with memory studies, particularly the transmission of trauma across generations (“postmemory”).


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